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Useful Contacts

Below you will find a useful list of contacts and phone numbers relating to your home and properties in general. With respect to the services below, they do not pay me a referral fee. Instead my reward is a job well done by them for my Buyers and Sellers.

List is currently being updated and will be completed over the next few days.


City of Toronto 311
Board of Education (Public) 416-397-3000
Board of Education (Catholic) 416-222-8282
Board of Education (Continuing Education) 416-338-4000
Transit (TTC) 311
Transit (GO) 1-888-438-6646
Fire (non-emergency) 416-338-9050
Police (non-emergency) 416-808-2222
Garbage 311
Tax 311
MPAC Assessment 1-866-296-6722
Zoning 311
Damaged Canada Post Box 1-800-267-1177



Fabio Campanella 647-701-1751


Frank Marrella 416-850-9250


Scott Higginson 647-404-4737
Julian Papes 416-366-8833
Kent Parsons 647-522-3030

Mortgage Specialists

Brandon Cordua 905-599-8201
Dieter Haes 1-844-318-0142

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