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Lawn Sign-apalooza!

Posted by Richard Robibero on October 27, 2014
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Lawn SignsTravel down your typical suburban street and you’ll see lawn signs. This is nothing new as politicians have been putting election signs on our front lawns since I was a wee lad. Real estate agents are no different. As the marketing opportunities back in the day were few and far between it was one of just a few ways to get your business name out there. However, when it comes to lawn signs I think we’ve gone over the edge in the other direction.

Take the most recent trend with realtors. Putting a lawn sign in front of the house you are selling makes a lot of sense obviously and still works. I often get calls from people driving by one of my listings that will call me up to ask about the house. Sometimes it’s a short conversation as the house may be priced higher than they hoped it would be but every so often we’ll make an appointment to show the house and who knows, they may even buy it. A recent trend has crept up whereby many realtors are putting the short, spiked directional signs at main roads pointing drivers to the property. The by-law states that the signs must not impede pedestrian traffic or obstruct the view of drivers so these signs, to some people’s surprise and despite being an eyesore, are fine.

Open houses, as discussed in a recent blog post of mine, are held by many realtors on weekends and sometimes during the week. The by-law states that one real estate sign shall be permitted on each street line of the property on which the sign is erected. The by-law makes sense as you want to guide drivers in the most efficient route to the property. However, a few Realtors see this as a golden opportunity to advertise their business and put up no less than 20-25 lawn signs in and around the area sometimes a kilometer away. Good business practice? I think it’s overkill personally and more importantly it contravenes the by-law. One specific FSBO “no commission” (I use the quotes purposely) are advertising sold properties on main arterial roadways pointing people to the house. The house is sold so why are you guiding people there?

An even more recent trend becoming the norm are the dozens and dozens of other lawn signs sprouting up in support or against the various issues in the city. “Save our Humbertown”,”No Jets TO”, “I’m on Board Porter”, “Save Door to Door”, and the list goes on and on. One of the more worthy lawn signs I’ve seen lately is the “Slow Down Kids at Play” signs but judging by how fast some drivers are traveling down residential streets I’m sure all they are seeing is a blur. Which is what is happening with me and all these political signs. Is the election over yet?


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