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On this page you’ll find my thoughts on everything relating to real estate (and sometimes not). If there’s something you’d like to see here, would like to use one of my articles on your site, media enquiries, or if you have any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Fixtures vs Chattels

Fixtures vs Chattels

Jan 19, 2016
The age old debate of what is a fixture and what is a chattel is alive and well in today’s real estate market [more]
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Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Jan 04, 2016
If you’ve moved even once in your life you know how stressful the process can be. Even when hiring profession [more]
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Business Card Photo

Business Card Photo from a Long, Long Time A...

Oct 09, 2015
So I just completed a photo shoot recently as I needed new pictures for my business cards, signs, website, and all [more]
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Foreclosures in Toronto

Foreclosures in Toronto? Bah.

Sep 30, 2015
Every so often I get a question about foreclosures from someone either buying their first place or looking to get i [more]
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Tenant Welcome Package

6 Things Landlords Need in a Tenant Welcome ...

Aug 20, 2015
Ask landlords and tenants about their rental stories and you’ll most likely hear about the trials and tribula [more]
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Smoking in Your Home

Smoking in Your Home Will Reduce Its Value

Jul 22, 2015
With the average home in Toronto surpassing the 1 million dollar mark and with everyone talking about how hot the m [more]
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Green P Parking App

Green P Parking App Review

Jun 16, 2015
Like most people in Toronto I have no issues paying for parking when I can find it. The whole process of locating a [more]
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Mortgage Tips

5 Mortgage Tips to Save Money

Apr 27, 2015
Whether you are buying your first home or looking to get into something bigger for your growing family, chances are [more]
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Condo Upgrades

Condo Upgrades: Where Should You Spend Your ...

Mar 23, 2015
In a city where a single building will house 300 units on average you’ll need a leg up on the competition whe [more]
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Real Estate Lawyer

Careful! Your Realtor is not a Lawyer.

Feb 24, 2015
As a Realtor I wear many hats. On any given day I’ll be your confidant, your researcher, your psychiatrist, y [more]
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Home Inspection Outs

Home Inspection window stuck? I want out!

Feb 11, 2015
One of your rights as a Buyer when purchasing property is to ask that the sale be conditional on a home inspection. [more]
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Condo Living

Condo Living and Getting Along

Jan 05, 2015
Unless your live on a 100-acre plot of land somewhere up North the things you do will affect your neighbours. No wh [more]
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Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips

Dec 04, 2014
Owning a home is a big deal and something one should take pride in. So it goes without saying that along with home [more]
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Nespresso VS Cafetière

I Love and Hate You Nespresso

Nov 24, 2014
I recently had the honor and privilege of being the Best Man at my friends’ wedding and I couldn’t be h [more]
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Buyer Representation Receipt

That will be zero dollars please!

Nov 10, 2014
I recently had the pleasure of helping someone secure a place to rent. The elements of the transaction had everythi [more]
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